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Every Spiritual teacher out there has a message.

Like puzzle pieces, they can help make sense of a larger picture.

I have a piece to share too. Maybe there is something of what I have learned and the way I bring it forward that just might fit into your picture as you evolve into a new version of yourself. 

I am a seer, seeker and communicator of wisdom.

A lot of people have been experiencing the feeling of everything being different now. They want to grow and expand and find their place in a new reality.

I'm right here with ya!

I have been on a most extraordinary spiritual journey from Evangelical Christianty to Pagan practices to a more balanced spiritual experience of my Self. I have found that the core wound is the same on both ends of the spectrum. I have a unique perspective on this journey and I have dedicated my life to being the fullest version of myself. What ever piece of the puzzle I end up filling for another is not up to me. Only that I come to our work as authentically as possible and with the highest integrity.